Install Chargers For The Public

On Adjacent Council Owned Land

Are you a business considering installing an electric vehicle charger near your business on council owned land?

A charge point out the front of your business offers an invitation to EV drivers to stop by and may increase the amount of time people spend in or around your establishment. ​ If your business has no off-street parking, a kerbside charger may be an option worth considering. Installing a charger on council land does not have to be tricky.

Contacting Council

Your local council is available to answer any questions you might have about installing an EV charging station or a larger EV charging project. You can find the contact details you're looking for on the contact page.

EV Charging Toolkit

Guiding material to assist you to select and install an EV charging station


Answering a range of common questions about EVs and EV charging

Overview of Charging Station Technologies

A brief overview of charging station technologies that provides a foundation for making decisions on which charging station(s) might be right for your project, covering:

  • Charging services

  • Types/Levels of chargers

  • Charger Terminology and Descriptions

  • Charger Design and Features

  • Management software and billing services


Overview of Charging System Installation Process

A list of actions to guide you through the installation process from site inspection to commission.

Application of EV charging Infrastructure (Charger Typologies)

Electric vehicle charging stations take many shapes and sizes, and this overview will help you decide what type of charging station is best suited to your charging needs.

Overview of Charger Operational Models

An operator can derive value from a commercial charge station in a variety of ways, and this information may help you decide how to operate your charging station, covering:

  • Value creation

  • Sources of revenue

  • Charge station operation


EV Charger Risk/Hazard Matrix

Installing an EV charger is not without risk. This risk/hazard matrix will help you identify the main risks and how to minimise them across the following categories. 

  • Financial

  • Safety

  • Business Productivity

  • Operational

  • Reputation

  • Legal / Regulatory​


Site Selection Matrix

The site selection matrix can be used to quantify the feasibility of a potential site for. Simply score each site against the functional and technical criteria set out in the tool and it will output a score and rating. This can be used to help understand the suitability of your business site for charging or to compare a number of potential commercial charge station sites in an objective way.

Approval Process Flowcharts

The approval process for a given project will depend on the land use, ownership and scale of the electric vehicle charging station. Use this set of approval process flowcharts as a guide to help you provide the Council with the right information when seeking approval for the charge station installation.

Approval Process Flowcharts Guide

Use the approval process flowcharts in conjunction with this guide to help you provide the council or relevant authority with the right information when seeking approval for a charging station installation.

Procurement and installation Planning Checklist

This checklist comprises a step-by-step guide to procurement and installation of your charging station.

Charge Station Signage Guide

Publicly accessible charging stations should be easy to find, with clear signage directing EV drivers to the car park and specific charging bays within. The charge station signage guide provides considerations that may be useful in planning signage for your project.